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Welcome to Auratikum! More specifically, welcome to our blog – a hub of information where we’ll share updates from our team, bring you stories from Auratikum creators across the planet, and drop the occasional product update or exciting new feature. Read on to learn more about what we’re all about, and stay tuned for new articles coming soon!

A Problem Meets an Opportunity.

We live in a time of incredible innovation, but our movers & shakers, forward-thinkers, and future-builders are held back by an inefficient method of creating and sharing academic work. Meanwhile, the propagation of “fake news” and other such “un-scholarly” work spreads like wildfire across television, print, and digital media. 

Why? Because it’s easy to create and even easier to consume.

If the academic process could be streamlined, factual work could be created more efficiently, and scholarly projects could be made to be more engaging… perhaps the truth could spread just as rapidly.


Our vision is to facilitate fact.


Where We Come In.

The process of creating academic work is long and exhaustive, for good reason. That time and energy is what goes into making research so valuable! However, that same time and energy should not be wasted on organizing and reorganizing at every step.

Switching from a note taking system, to a brainstorming document, to a reference manager, before finally getting to a word processor to create a stagnant, lifeless PDF… no wonder fake news has taken over. 

Auratikum leverages a fully integrated, highly utilitarian, cloud-based platform to empower researchers to produce and spread engaging scholarly content.

By doing so, we do more than just help students and researchers feel better and do better work (though we’re so glad we do!) – our community is helping to combat misinformation and fostering a better relationship between society and academia for future generations. Speaking of future generations, here’s what we hope the world looks like a few years down the road:

1. The academic process is accessible and efficient.

Less energy expended on tracking down notes, organizing, or finding citations; leaving more energy for the work that matters.

2. The PDF is a thing of the past.

The PDF format represents everything wrong with modern academic content – flat, stagnant, and unengaging.

3. The pursuit of knowledge and crafting academic work is equally fun and fulfilling.

Pursuing truth and knowledge will be immensely satisfying for both creator and consumer.

4. The consumption of scholarly work is more engaging than superficial “fake news”.

Academic content will become accessible and interesting to people of all demographics and education levels.


Where You Come In.

Of course, we never claim to be capable of this alone. It takes a vibrant, diverse community of incredibly innovative individuals to make this future a reality. Luckily, we have you!

Our early community is already contributing – at universities across the US and Europe, Auratikum users are performing fascinating research, writing informative papers, and ultimately providing the world with more engaging academic projects. From the first lightbulb moment to having your work shared with readers across the globe, Auratikum is here to help you do more with every project. 

What will you create?

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