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Writing is a breeze with Auratikum – just one window with everything you need!

Whether you’re an undergrad tearing your hair out, or a researcher covering the walls with Post-It notes, Auratikum is here to help. From the first lightbulb moment to the final publication, our intuitive platform can help you structure your project, keep your thoughts organized, and bring out your best work!

Write With Purpose…

With Auratikum, the writing is the easiest part! You’ve got a library of notes just teeming with brilliant ideas, poignant quotes, and peer-reviewed sources, and instead of being flustered by the amount of loose papers on your desk, they’re all neatly organized on your virtual desk. Combine that with your devastatingly precise project outline, and actually writing the paper is as easy as filling in the blanks.

... And Efficiency...

Spend less time floundering, and more time flowing! Just throw on the headphones and jam out with all of your tools, information, and references accessible in a single window. How much easier could it be?

...For a Purpose

Auratikum was built with purpose – to facilitate fact. It means that the work you do with Auratikum is a part of something bigger, part of a movement to make truth, knowledge, and fact easier to discover and engage with, and ultimately to stomp out “fake news”. By making the academic process more efficient, we hope to empower you and your peers to bring thorough, well-researched, and peer-reviewed work back to the forefront of the social conversation.


Auratikum is a modern web application. You can open and use it with every browser on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC (or tablet, of course).


Your work is precious, and we treat it as such by safely storing your data in an EU database held to the highest standards of encryption and industrial security.


Make procrastination a thing of the past with an efficient, easy-to-use platform, making paper-writing more fulfilling and less intimidating.


Auratikum is a flexible and customizable solution – use it alone for every step of your process, or take only what fits your style of work.